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Celebrating 27 Years

Welcome to the home of the GOLF CLUB at LAKE RIDGE in Toms River, New Jersey!

If you haven't already done so, please bookmark this site, or add it to your FAVORITES list for easy access to the latest Golf Club information!

For those with an interest in the details of the club, we once again have modified the by-laws.  The Board of Directors have discussed, massaged, organized, condensed, reviewed, accepted, published and, recently, published and distributed them at our General Membership meeting in September, for approval at our October meeting! 

This latest amendment relates to re-organizing the Board of Directors.  Positions on the Board have been revised to better define the duties of each officer. 

To review these 9/26/21 changes in the Golf Club at Lake Ridge By-Laws, Click Here


This page is updated periodically with info and news about the Golf Club at Lake Ridge.  You'll see new announcements, pronouncements and miscellaneous tidbits without losing previously entered information.  Previous entries will be kept for future reference, like a history of the Golf Club... beginning with 2015.  
It's kinda like a BLOG, without the BLOG features that are normally seen. 

You can get to this page by clicking the "Info & News" tab under the HOME menu, above, or simply Click Here to see the latest.

Be sure to visit ALL of the pull-down menu items... each will present important and, occasionally, interesting information... schedules, tournaments, trip plans, league play and results, and maybe even some embarrassing photos.

Click "CLUB MEETINGS AND OUTINGS" for info about a "Nine & Dine" at Lakehurst. 
We held this event a couple of times each year and all had a great time.

Golf Club at Lake Ridge Public Service Announcement to follow!
Read with caution!!!

As usual, the broken-record repeats itself, again and again and again... 
We have general membership meetings at 7PM on the third Monday of each month.
Try to attend these meetings!  Comments, suggestions, questions and even your complaints, would be greatly appreciated (or at least tolerated) by your board members.  I
nput from our membership can make The Golf Club at Lake Ridge a much more enjoyable experience.

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